Earthlight is a virtual reality game that immerses players in the journey of becoming an astronaut. We are working in consultation with space agencies all over the world to give players an authentic experience of the wonders and perils of space.

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Earthlight: Spacewalk is a VR game created in collaboration with NASA that tells a story only few people will ever experience - that of human space flight. Play through the eyes of Ana, one of NASA's brightest astronauts on a repair mission on the ISS and be immersed in the most authentic experience of space.



Experience a story of human spaceflight


Our team is fuelled by the fascination of the vastness of space and our role in exploring it. Putting people out to the stars has been a journey that is like no other and you can experience it with us. Playing Earthlight means you directly contribute to a concept that has for decades connected people across borders: human space flight.

A game in collaboration with NASA


Earthlight is being developed in collaboration with several different space agencies with a prominent relationship with NASA and their laboratories.

A VR narrative game of a lifetime through the eyes of an astronaut

Earthlight is a narrative-driven game telling a story only few people will ever experience - that of human space flight.  You will live the unique and unusual journey of Ana, one of NASA's brightest and most talented astronauts.

Partners + Collaborators

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