Do you have a question for NASA?


Hi everyone!

My name is Petra, as the new Communications Manager at Opaque I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has subscribed to our mailing list. We really appreciate your support so far! 

I would also like to apologize for our lack of communication, we have been busy working with the folks over at NASA to make sure we continue to build the most authentic game experience possible.

A key step in Earthlight's authenticity will be interviews with a number of key people from NASA, starting this week, to resolve key production questions that our teams have. Thanks to the folks of the Public Affairs at office at NASA, we will be interviewing the NBL Training DirectorFlight Director and members from the Z2 Suit team on the 17th of Feb US time.

Have you ever wanted to ask NASA a question? We at Opaque Media Group would love you, our community, to give us questions you would like to have answered by NASA! We will select a number of questions from our community and ask them to the folks at NASA, covering any subject from the next generation spacesuit to upcoming missions. Drop us a line and ask NASA a question at!

Wanted to tweet us a question? 
Feel free to tweet questions to @OpaqueMM and we'll put them into the pool.

Thank you all for your time and we can wait to hear from you all.

Communication Manager
T: @Petra_Opaque